6 Free Printable Bible Bingo Games for Fun Church Activities

Finding the right printable activity at the last minute for your church, classroom, or game night can be challenging. Thankfully, these free printable Bible bingo games are here to help you find the right option for you.

Bible Bingo games can be a fun way to remind students about the terms or people they learned about in a Sunday School or other church lesson. It can also be a nice activity for a retreat, lunch, classroom, or small groups.

Take at these free printable Bible Bingo games and choose the ones that are right for you!

Free Printable Bible Bingo Games

There are several options for free printable Bible Bingo cards games available. Some will have a limited amount of cards, meant for a small group rather than a large one. 

Don’t print doubles of these cards, as it will mean that more than one person can win at the same time.Everyone should have their own Bingo cards that don’t match anyone else’s cards.

You will also find an assortment of word-based Bingo cards as well as picture-based Bingo cards. Choose the best card for your situation based on the theme and the age of the participants. The printable Bingo cards are often in .pdf file format for download.

Bible Bingo can be an exciting game for Sunday School classes, Bible study group, homeschool activities, party games, and more! Being the first person to yell bingo after 5 (or 4 or 3 in a row, depending on the game) can be so much fun no matter what age you are!

Bible Knowledge Bingo

Bible knowledge sample pack - free printable Bible bingo cards

This Bible Knowledge starter pack concentrates on God’s Word. These 4 sets of printable games have 10 cards each, perfect for a small gathering. The themes for these games are:

Bible Characters of the Old Testament Bingo. Be reminded of the names of people from the Old Testament, including familiar ones like Adam and Eve and a more obscure one like Obed.

Bible Characters of the New Testament Bingo. Play Bingo with names of the New Testament, including Mary, Jarius, Cornelius, and Nicodemus.

Old Testament Books of the Bible Bingo. This isn’t just for young students learning the books of the Bible for the first time! Adults can become more familiar with the names of the Old Testament by playing this fun game.

New Testament Books of the Bible Bingo. The 27 books of the New Testament are the subject of this Bible Bingo game. It’s a great way to review the names of the New Testament books, and can be helpful in talking about New Testament events.

You can download them for free from our Gumroad store here.

Women of the Bible Bingo

women of the Bible bingo cards preview - free printable Bible Bingo cards

The theme for this Bible Bingo game is women Bible characters. This free printable game set has 10 Bingo cards ready for instant download. This can be a fun activity for a women’s fellowship, Bible study, or women’s retreat, as well as a classroom or Sunday School game. 

Easter Bingo

Easter free printable Bible bingo cards preview

Having an Easter party, Easter egg hunt, or teaching a lesson on the Easter story? This Easter Bingo could be an entertaining activity to add to your plans. It is a 10 card Bingo card set with Easter vocabulary in the Bingo squares. 

This free printable includes instructions and a master word list, as do the previous sets featured above this free printable Bible bingo set.

Other Free Printable Bible Bingo Card Options

Looking for a different bingo card set? Check out these fun Bingo games.

Healing Home has lovely free printable Bible Bingo sets on her site. These games incorporate both Old Testament and New Testament words and pictures into the printable Bingo cards.

Mindy Jones has a printable Noah’s Ark Bingo game in her Noahs’ Ark activity pack. This simple  game has pictures instead of words for the game. The calling cards are included.

Christian Preschool Printables has a variety of printable Bible Bingo games for kids. From the Creation Story to Noah’s Ark to the Resurrection and more, the site covers many Bible stories and other topics you might cover with children.

More Options for Printable Bible Bingo Games

If you haven’t found the right theme or number of cards for your bingo card game, you may want to look for different bingo cards. These are some low-cost printable options for your game time.

We have some additional sets in our Gumroad and Etsy store. These are Bingo card sets that come with 50 unique cards so you can have more players.

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Bible Knowledge Printable Bingo Set

Bible Bingo cards - Bible knowledge card set

These Bible Bingo cards are card sets of 50, perfect for a larger group. The first four cover Bible Characters of the Old Testament, Bible Characters of the New Testament, Old Testament Books of the Bible, and New Testament Books of the Bible Bingo Cards.

The last 3 cover Bible verses. The themes for these Bible Bingo games are Fruits of the Spirit, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, and Hebrews 11 “Hall of Faith”.

These are a perfect addition to your plans for classrooms, a Sunday School class, youth groups, children’s church, and game night for the entire family.

Holiday Printable Bingo Set

Bible Bingo Cards holiday set

Holidays often call for a wider variety of activities. Having these holiday Bible bingo cards on hand can help round out your plans with a little bit of fun, and maybe learning! The Holiday Bingo Bible Cards include 5 sets of 50 printable cards. 

Women’s Ministry Set

womens ministry bingo cards preview

Looking for fun activities for your women’s retreat, women’s Bible study, or other woman-oriented activities? This pack of 3 sets of 50 Bingo cards each cover terms from the Proverbs 31 Woman and Women Characters of the Bible, as well as a twist on the “What’s in My Purse” game.

For this purse game, the participants count up how many items are in their purses, and then play bingo as usual. The winner is determined when the first three who call bingo reveal the number of items in the purses. You can choose either the highest number of lowest number to be the winner.

You also might want to look at printable bingo from other online stores, like these from Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers.

This Easter Bingo by TNB Creations has engaging clipart that helps illustrate the Easter story. A calling card is included to help streamline the gameplay. The pictures may help younger students play more easily.

“Find Someone Who…” looks like a fun church icebreaker Bingo game by Gathered Again on Etsy.

Savoring Each Moment has a fun picture-based Bingo cards in her Etsy shop. This set is about the story of Moses, and she has more stories of the Bible themes like Creation and Names of Jesus Bingo in the printable activities section of her shop.

free printable bible bingo (1) lettered spheres that spell out bingo

Bingo can be a great way to give away a small prize to the winner! Consider this in your planning as well. 

If you plan on reusing these bingo cards, you may want to print on heavy paper like card stock. You will need to figure out what you will use as game tokens to cover the bingo squares, as most of these printable games do not include this. Some may include printable game tokens.

Printable Bible Bingo games make planning game time a little bit easier. Find the right option for you today. It’s a great way to learn while also having fun!

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